Zero To Founder – The Micro SaaS Builder Handbook

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A Book To Help You Build, Launch & Grow Profitable Products This book is for anyone who wants to dive deep and understand the ecosystem around Micro SaaS and Micro Opportunities (Non Micro SaaS Opportunities) and build profitable products.
This is a comprehensive guide/handbook that helps you think better about building profitable products. The handbook also covers a lot of data points about hundreds of profitable SaaS companies, mental models to build a small & simple business. This will eventually help you get a better understanding of the Micro SaaS ecosystem. The goal of this book is “to take you one step closer to building profitable Micro SaaS product”.
Why did I create this?
While building profitable SaaS like Siteoly. Flezr and running a profitable newsletter at MicroSaaSIdeas, I have interacted with a lot of subscribers and answered hundreds of emails from close to 25,000 subscribers. Almost all these subscribers want to build profitable business but do not have a clear understanding of where to start. This book helps exactly with that both on tech and non-tech side, along with mental models, data about 100+ profitable Micro SaaS products, access to private community, list of communities to get the initial traction.
Why this book?
This is not a traditional book. Each topic in this book covers various steps to speed up the development of your product, validate your product/reach much faster.

  • Learn how to create profitable products faster with this research-backed comprehensive book
  • Covers both Micro SaaS products as well as Micro Opportunities (Non Micro SaaS Opportunities)
  • A comprehensive collection of 200+ topics and answers, providing all the relevant details in a concise format.
  • Insights and data points about several companies and tools, actionable advice and tips, and step-by-step guidance.
  • After founding a successful SaaS at, Flezr and running a profitable newsletter, I have interacted with thousands of subscribers and answered hundreds of emails from nearly 25,000 subscribers.
  • You save hundreds of hours of research by learning from the author’s experience.
  • From Idea to validation, building, launching, acquiring users and beyond – guidance and actionable tips at every stage
  • Covers both the technical and non technical aspects of building products.
  • 200+ topics covered giving you a 360 degree view of the entire ecosystem around Micro SaaS products and micro opportunities

Who should read this?
You’ll benefit from this if:

  • You are a freelancer trying to make your own profitable SaaS product, Info product, Newsletter or a productized service.
  • You are a marketer trying to build a product and not sure of the Micro SaaS ecosystem
  • You are someone trying to make your first dollar online
  • You want to build a simple business and see to earn about $1K to $10K MRR
  • You are a PM, Engineering Manager, Architect who want to build your own Micro SaaS product.
  • You are a full-time employee and want to build a small side hustle and bootstrap a profitable product

You’ll NOT benefit from this if:

  • You already have a SaaS making more than $10K MRR.
  • You already have multiple small products that are profitable.
  • You are looking to build mobile apps or chrome extensions.
  • You are looking to build MacOs Apps, Windows Apps, Games etc.
  • You are thinking about making $1M ARR or looking to build next Facebook/Twitter.

What’s inside:

  • 200 topics about various things related to building profitable products.
  • Data points about 100+ profitable SaaS companies
  • List of communities where you can post your product
  • Mental models that will help think better.
  • Access to closed community (on selected tiers)

• This does not guarantee that you will automatically build profitable products. You need to put in the work.
• This is not a video course.

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