DomKent – Content Promotion Checklist 2024

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What’s the most important part of the content marketing process – but also the one you pay the least attention to?
Content promotion.
Or some of us call it content distribution.
Which is ironic because we never spend enough time sharing our content.
That’s okay – because I was exactly the same.
Okay, we’ve got the CAPS out here. And for a good reason.
It wasn’t until I documented exactly where I would share my content that I could class myself as “good” at content promotion.
Over the last 5 years, I’ve collated places that do and don’t work for different types of content.
And now I share those places with you.
Using my content promotion tracker, you get 50 different instructions on how to distribute your content.
Instead of wondering where to share your content next (or at all), use this tracker as a prompt to share content in new places – and track your performance as you learn about the distribution areas for your own content.
The premise is simple (it’s a Google Sheet or Notion board – and I made an Excel version for those who don’t operate outside the Microsoft stack but I do urge you to choose the Google or Notion version).
But nobody does this because it takes forever to:
1) Trial where does and doesn’t work.
2) Document your process when busy promoting content
3) Get free time to dedicate to content promotion because you’re busy creating.
Each content distribution technique includes an instruction, a description of how to share, an example of that technique in the real world, and some columns you can customise for tracking purposes.

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