Do-It-Yourself SEO

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Simple SEO Improvements: After Just a Few Hours Following Step-by-Step Directions, Sit Back and Watch Your Web Site Become a Traffic Magnet

A few years ago, when I completely overhauled the web site you are now looking at, I undertook an intensive study of search engine optimization – the art of maximizing the odds that your web site rises to the top of search engine results, bringing in traffic. After I implemented what I learned, my visitor count doubled and stayed at the higher level – more than 650,000 visitors a year.
During site reviews requested by clients, I realized that the techniques that worked for me aren’t common knowledge. Whether sites are handled by a professional designer/webmaster or by the site owner, whether they operate on a low budget or a very healthy one, most sites fail to use even one-third of these no-cost, easily implemented SEO methods.
SEO tips you can quickly put into practice
To share these success secrets I wrote a little report called Do-It-Yourself SEO: 16 Simple Tweaks That Increase Search Engine Traffic to Your Web Site. It includes screen shots showing the search engine optimization tactics to put into place, with explicit instructions, and it costs $19.95. Order it now.

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