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If you had a magic wand, and I were to ask you how much progress you would like to make in the next couple of years, what would your answer be?

And the follow-up question to that is…

Are you on your way to THAT level of progress?


In scenario 1, you have a goal, and there are all these different unlimited ways on how to approach getting there, right?

The problem is, which one should you choose?

Scenario 1 is all about anxiety. If you don’t know which thing you should do and you are overwhelmed with options, that will come with anxiety.


Scenario 2, you don’t even know what to do to get there. You feel hopeless. It’s not even about picking; you just don’t know where to start.

Anxiety is about the overwhelm of choices. Hopelessness is about the lack of choices.

Both lead to the same emotions: sadness/frustration.

And I’ve had my fair share of those emotions…

When you can’t decide on what to do, it’s the clearest case of a lack of something I want to get you very clear about…

Because if there is a gap between where you currently are and where you’d like to go, there’s only one thing I know of that could get you there…


Strategy is a word that gets tossed around a lot… Yet, nobody really knows what it means…

They just know it’s probably important, but in my opinion, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT.

Let me break it down for you what STRATEGY actually means, because it’s really simple… It’s all about prioritizing.

Figuring out priorities, that’s all it is.

In layman’s terms, it’s about what’s going to get us the most bang for the buck. How can we achieve the most with the least? How can we progress in the best way humanly possible?

Or if you want my fancy definition:
It’s about how to choose to allocate resources that are limited against unlimited options.

That is what I mean by having…


The tough part, however, about strategy in general is…

Strategy is about choosing which one from all those options you could take is the one that will take you furthest the fastest.

Because the most costly thing about progress is not just the unknowns, but it’s about the unknown unknowns…

The things that you didn’t even know you could choose from.

Because the counterintuitive secret of progress is that fundamentally progress is not about working harder than other people.

It’s not like those who achieve the most are hyperactive.

They might choose to be, and trust me, there is always a time for doing more. I’m a big fan of brutal relentless effort, but basically, and more importantly, it’s about getting more out of each step.

Strategy is not just about how to do more, it’s about capturing the most from every unit of effort.

And the ones who achieve the most, either consciously or unconsciously, are using the right strategies.

When you have better priorities, when you allocate your resources of time, focus, and energy to doing the fewest moves that get you the most for the least, you make the most progress. Simple as that.

So the equation for success is: Volume X Leverage = Results.

Leverage = Strategy.

The more you do something X the better the strategy = The more you get out of it.

Now if you’re lazy…

Guess what, you better have a lot of leverage to make up for the volume.

Yet, if you’re a hard worker putting in the hours, but have no leverage… you’re not better off.

And if your progress is not growing as fast as you want it to… the truth is you are working simply on the wrong stuff.

It means you haven’t properly identified the priorities…

It means your strategy is lacking and you need to change it to something that’s actually working. 


Now, one of the first questions you might ask is what’s the difference between the book and the masterclass? Why is there even a masterclass? Aren’t all questions answered within the book?

And the answer again is simple…

The problem with books is that they have to be written in a way so that they are relevant to a mass audience. It has to be relevant to people from very different ages to backgrounds to skill.

The advice has to be somewhat broad, but the quote is true that the devil is in the details

The book is and always will be the beginning of this system that anyone can use to further their skills, since it answers 2 of the most common issue’s in practice, that of “progress” and “consistency”.

And I’ve shared two of my most important strategies when it comes to handling those…

However, the real difference is while the book is aimed towards anyone who wishes to fasten their progress in their skill or hobby, the masterclass is specifically aimed towards PROFESSIONALS or those who aspire to become one.

It’s meant for people who want to dive as deep as possible into all the different ways of taking things to the next level, since for them it’s well worth the effort to do so…

It’s for people, who’s skill is more than just a hobby.

Having these 2 levels separated gave me the opportunity to serve and create a way to make this system available to anyone without those ambitions

The book’s main goal is to first of all get you un-stuck and back on the road towards progress and consistency…

However, the masterclass is something that goes way deeper and beyond the scope of the book.

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