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The Personal Brand Academy is an expertly crafted 6-phase, online program designed for agency owners, online coaches/consultants and course creators.


The program is comprised of over 37 in-depth video modules that show you step by step how to start your personal brand, what software/tools you need, what type of content to post and what sort of ads you need to build your name into a small brand that pulls in at least $10k per month in profit within 6 or less.


PHASE 1: Foundations & Substructures

We have the structure of the business which explains how to get the most out of the program, how to scale to 6 figures in 6 months, why you do not need to be an expert, how to pick a non-saturated niche called a “3.0 niche” and how to craft a “blue ocean” offer as well as how to self-actualisation and gain the skills you need.

I then break down the different ways to make money from your personal brand ranging from selling agency services to coaching to selling software (SAAS & affiliate marketing) to even building your own online programs

PHASE 2: Business Tools & Systems

Phase 2 of the program is building the business and the tools you need to build the business, how much they cost and how to still build a personal brand even if you do not have any money.

I show you step by step how to build your brand from your very first post even if you have no followers online, I get you primed for running ads and show you how to set up your content studio (which entails showing you all the best camera gear for you depending on what sort of budget you have, even if you have a budget of $0).
 I then show you how to register the business, set up the business’s legal structure and how to manage your finances.
I then break down, how to front load your sales pitch (known as your sales argument) into a high-converting video sales letter so your website actually converts and serves a purpose instead of just being a glorified online business card. So I show you how to set up your very own funnel.
You know like how your favourite guru has a “free training” on their website, where you have to opt in with your email address and then they pitch something after a 25-50 minute long free training? – Yeah, well it turns out those convert customers and clients like crazy so I show you how to build your own even if you’re not tech-savvy, suck at being on camera and are in a weird niche.

PHASE 3: Organic Client Attraction

Phase 3 is all about attracting clients organically, showing you the various platforms and how to grow them organically so you can get inbound leads and clients chasing you for your services, coaching programs or online courses.

I show you how to leverage ALL the best social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube and Twitter to get clients depending on your niche and offer. I show you which platform to use in your own unique situation.
I show you how to master your short-form content and long-form content giving you a proper content schedule to follow that will grow your business and get you clients.
I help you overcome your fears of putting yourself out there so if you’re a beginner and you’re scared to be on camera don’t sweat it i was too.
I even show you how to post & when to post, how to come up with infinite content ideas in seconds and how to write killer scripts for your short and long-form content as well as how to write captions that convert using A.I and other tools that make the process seamless.
I even show you how to edit your own videos, how to find editors if you don’t want to spend time editing your own videos and give you access to a pool of MY vetted video editors that you can partner with to produce some crispy clean content that pulls high tick clients to you.
Last but not least, I show you exactly how to create your content sales assets (these are crucial for getting inbound leads), I show you how to manually find leads yourself, how to manually conduct what I like to call “warm outreach”, because you know cold outreach sucks… badly and I even show you how to scrape leads and set appointments manually using your personal brand so don’t have to rely on just posting content. Allowing you to get your very first client within 47 days from today
Oh, and I also show you how to outsource this whole system with commission-based appointment setters, lead sourcers and video editors. – I truly left no stone unturned
Note: all outreach & video scripts, content schedules & content planners are included as resources when you join today.
So again, if you have no money for ads or building a team, you’re still able to land clients with this program.

PHASE 4: Paid Client Attraction

Phase 4 is all about how to set up your own ads for your personal brand so you can go from organically posting content to getting clients in a predictable way where you can set up 2-4 ads that gain you high-quality leads at $1-$2 a lead. I’ll show you how to script these, launch these, test these and scale them.

The idea behind this is to be able to build a paid advertising client acquisition system where you can put $1 into ads and bring back $4-$10.
Imagine for a moment that you found a machine at the side of the road and for every $10 you put into it, it spat back out $30 dollars… What would you do?
I’d tell you what I would do, I’d run to the nearest bank, call my aunties and uncles up and ask for as much money as I could to just put into ALL this machine!!! – you’d be stupid not to. literally.
Well, that’s what this machine is like when you get it dialled in after watching phase 4 of the program.
So my question is: What colour would your Porsche be? Lol!
But once you’ve figured out how to predictably buy meetings, you can effectively sit and buy meetings on your calendar and thus you can technically buy more clients.
Think about it, If you want more clients you don’t need to send an additional 1,500 cold emails or do another 400 cold calls, all you need to do is click in the ads manager and increase your daily ad spend from one number to a higher number and click “publish changes”. That’s it.
There’s no messing around sending an additional 1,500 cold emails to another set of 1,500 businesses.
And just so you know you do not need $1000’s of dollars for ads because we start you off at $5-$10 a day!
(If you don’t have a single cent for ads do not worry, skip Phase 4 and focus on Phase 3 of the academy until you are ready for ads).
In Phase 4, I show you both Instagram and YouTube ads. How to script them, how to set them up, what targeting you need and how to troubleshoot bad ads as well as how to scale the winning ads.
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