Bob & Miles – Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking (Basic & Advanced)

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The current landscape causes a huge problem: without proper conversion tracking, you can’t analyze accurately, Smart Bidding will break, and you will never get your desired results.

If you don’t invest in your conversion tracking setup now, you WILL fall behind this year…

This is not fearmongering, it’s a fact.

Your Google Ads performance is directly tied to the quality of your data. Without proper conversion tracking, you will never get your desired results.

If you don’t take action now, you will cripple the algorithm:

  • You will get suboptimal results.
  • The algo will be restricted from learning properly.
  • The algo will not be able to predict conversions accurately.
  • The algo will spend your budget inefficiently.

It’s shocking how often we see suboptimal setups.

Basic Google Ads conversion tracking won’t do the trick anymore.

If you want to succeed with Google Ads in 2024 and beyond, you must go beyond the basics and step up your tracking game.

The problem: most specialists don’t know what to do.

Be honest:

  • Do you have a plan to comply with privacy regulations?
  • What will you do when all third-party cookies are gone?
  • Have you thought about your first-party data?

You need to implement a wide spectrum of advanced conversion tracking techniques if you want to properly track data and maximize your results.

If you don’t, you will fall behind…

Join our LIVE workshop on February 8th, and future-proof your tracking setup in 2 short hours.

We don’t want you to fall behind, so we’re doing a one-time workshop to help you master and implement all the advanced tracking techniques you need to be compliant with privacy regulations, measure more high-quality data, and get an edge over your competitors in 2024 and beyond.

After this 2-hour workshop, you will have total clarity on how to:

  • Prevent data loss due to tracking issues.
  • Comply with privacy regulations (Consent Mode V2).
  • Have a best-in-class (future-proof) Google Ads tracking setup.
  • Track high-quality conversions (even without third-party cookies).
  • Enhance your dataset with advanced tracking techniques.
  • Stay ahead of your competition with first-party data.
  • Improve your results with ease.

And as a big fat bonus, you will get access to our Conversion Tracking Mastery course for FREE (€199 value). 

This will give you the biggest competitive edge for 2024 and beyond:

The ability to measure and steer on real business results (aka qualified leads, sales, and actual profit) will set you apart from your competitors.

Whoever has the most high-quality, relevant data wins!

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