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Here’s What’s Included in the Virtual Wholesale 30 Program:

The First 2 Weeks consist of Intensive Classroom Style Training with included worksheets and notes.

  • Picking a Virtual Market
  • Establishing Presence in your market 
  • Building Our Free Lists (Cash Buyers/FSBO)
  • Building Our Motivated Seller Lists
  • Cold Calling Training
  • Marketing Schedules, Budgets, & Plans 
  • Dispositions (selling the deal)
  • Transactions (contracts, templates, title work)
  • Numbers: Comping, Tracking, KPIs
  • Hiring/Outsourcing to VAs


The Second Two Weeks: propel you forward with hands-on, direct-to-seller marketing and closing deals with weekly q&a calls with me.

Virtual Wholesale 30 : Members-Only Slack Community
Join a hustling crew of other virtual wholesalers who leverage each other’s knowledge and experience for high-level accountability & support. The private group is invite-only, and exclusive to the Virtual Wholesale 30 students for additional q&a, collaboration, and resources.

Bi-Weekly Live Training With Tadi:
Immerse yourself in the strategies and tactics my team and I use to close whales & snails from home in markets all across the country!

Join LIVE 2x a month via zoom from the comfort of your own home for real-time support in closing leads. In the lives I will answer your questions, and give you the real deal on how to close 3+ deals per month (with average spreads being 5-10k per deal, this could amount to 30k+ a month!)

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