Rob O Rourke – 100k Email Blueprint

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Here’s What You Get:

This email course is your new professional playbook. The way it works is:

You go in, find the section with the problem you are dealing with (e.g. booking more sales calls, raising your prices, following up with unresponsive leads, handling a difficult client, etc.)…
…and you can INSTANTLY copy and paste a proven email template that solves that exact situation and moves your business forward.
This way, you can take the guesswork and “emotion” out of knowing what to say to potential or existing clients… and instead be clear and strategic in any situation.


Get instant access to my proven cold email templates & strategies. So you can secure portfolio projects & high-paying clients whenever you need them. And reach your goal of making at least $10K per month.
I’ll show you how to:

  • 10X the strength of your “reason for reaching out” to a business owner (this approach got me my first ever $2,000 project!)
  • Get a higher reply rate on your cold emails with one of my 3 BEST strategies (the “signpost” method, the “random” approach, or the “common ground” tactic)
  • Use the power of public Facebook groups OR your own social media profiles to get portfolio projects (without needing a large audience)
  • Turn your physical location & personal interests into actual FUEL for winning the trust of local business owners
  • 16 different methods for seamlessly following up with unresponsive prospects without risking to annoy them
  • And a bunch more



Use my “scenario templates” to crush your prospects’ doubts and objections effortlessly. So that you can start closing more deals than you lose and increase your monthly revenue.

  • Close deals when potential clients say your price is too high (without offering them a discount)
  • Respond to the “what’s your price” question WITHOUT turning away prospects (hint: the WORST thing you can do is tell them your prices. There are TWO types of emails here you can send instead to make them come back to you with cash in their hands)
  • Break down projects into bite-sized budgets when prospects WANT to work with you but truly can’t afford you
  • Take prospects from “interested to work with you” to paying your deposit and getting the ball rolling (even if they still have some doubts)
  • And a bunch more



This section will contain my project management templates that make you look like a seasoned pro. Take your projects from start to finish effortlessly and provide your clients with a 5-star experience.

  • Kick off your projects with confidence. With strategic templates that set clear expectations. So you can stop being perceived as a rookie
  • Use our project email templates to move projects forward faster, making delays and downtime a thing of the past
  • Navigate project challenges like a pro. And turn roadblocks into opportunities for even better project results
  • The ultimate project success toolkit: Get the exact templates and work plans that have made countless projects a success.
  • And a bunch more


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