Riyad Briki – Traffic Arbitrage Course

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That’s 100% TRUE!
Back in 2018, I was a broke 19 years old man who have 3 blogs and 1 Shopify store that make me less than 1.000$ /month.
1.000$ /month is not bad for a newbie who has limited knowledge of online marketing and e-commerce but my goals were bigger than 1.000 bucks.
At this time, I had a friend who made 130.000$ /month doing affiliate marketing with online trading brokers. This friend has shown me his process but I didn’t succeed to make big numbers because of my Budget.
To make money in affiliate marketing or e-commerce in general, you’ve to make sales and to make sales there are just 02 methods:

  • You’ve to test many products to find your winning product and scale it and I’m not a fan of this method.
  • you create a funnel in which you educate your traffic and build trust with them then you try to sell them your products and services. (+90% of successful businesses use this method).

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