Phed – Faceless YouTube Growth [Lifetime Updates]



The Harsh Truth

It’s not as easy as everyone on TikTok Makes it out to be…

It won’t happen overnight, there will be sleepless nights, failure, disappointment

I launched my first faceless YouTube channel right after I turned 12 with just an IBM laptop and basic editing software (Windows Movie Maker..yes), working from my tiny desk at home. The idea was simple – create videos without ever showing my face.

I was putting out ONE VIDEO A DAY! Researching, scripting, and editing into the wee hours. The feedback was brutal – low views, near zero impressions, dislikes piling up..

I was drowning in my failure, the underdog of my industry… until I learned…

but I kept Going, learning, and Growing… Rinse & Repeat, Day in Day out

This course goes over every single aspect of how Phed and Wanner have been able to successfully achieve financial freedom through YouTube automation of Faceless Channels.

Access to Texts and Emails to ask Phed your Questions

Access to packaging feedback from the community + Phed

7 hrs of Video – 50 Lessons – 12 Modules

Templates, Resources, Exclusive Offers

Dedicated Dashboard for easy access.

Also Available on IOS Mobile

Who is this ideal for?

Newcomers with not a lot of experience

Entrepreneurs with partial exposure to YouTube

Creators coming from other platforms (Instagram, Tiktok)

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