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an elite program brought to you from the shadows.

OPTHINK is a first-of-its-kind digital training platform that gives you the power to predict, control, and direct the behavior of those around you, so you can covertly dominate your everyday life.

OPTHINK is based on real-world spy training found nowhere else outside of elite intel academies.
  • 27 Operational Thinking Training Modules that give you the mindset of a covert operator so you can predict, control, and direct the behavior of those around you.
  • Advanced Training Tools to Master Social Influence that transform your relationships so you can create new opportunities, new connections, and new wins on your terms.
  • Real-World Application Training that gives you the step-by-step process to apply your new skills with success in the real world.
  • ​​BONUS #1: Practical OPTHINK Exercises that guide you in building, planning, and executing your own covert influence operation.
  • ​​BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to the OPTHINK Platform so you can go at your own pace with 24/7 access to the OPTHINK resource library… forever.
To get the same skills anywhere else, you’d have to be recruited by an elite intel agency.

Which takes years of preparation, intense dedication, and a healthy dose of good luck for a less than a 1% chance of getting hired.

With OPTHINK, you can skip the years of service and go STRAIGHT for the elite skills…
The Agency Teaches you that there are two types of thinking – reactionary and operational

Reactionary thinking is the most common form – and it’s also the least efficient.

It looks something like this: you observe an event, you process the information, you decide your next move.
People often confuse reactionary thinking with “instinct”.
And they take great pride in their ability to react on instinct.
But the fact is, any time you’re thinking reactively you have already lost control of the situation.
And that’s what makes it inefficient.
Operational thinking (a/k/a OPTHINK) is the foundation of every covert operation.
OPTHINK is all about taking certain cognitive steps to gain and maintain control in current and future situations.
  • OPTHINK gives you the power to predict human behavior, so you can stay ahead of everyone around you.
  • OPTHINK gives you the foresight to anticipate future decisions made by leaders and shot-callers.
  • OPTHINK gives you the control to set things in motion that will create an environment favorable to your goals. 
CIA would not be the most successful intel agency in history if it didn’t indoc every new recruit into operational thinking.
Everything you do at CIA – every mission, every training, every debrief – is done through the lens of operational thinking.
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