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Dear friend,


This is the most important lesson I can ever give you:


“If you have recurring bills, you need recurring income.”


Mortgage payments.








Ad expenses.




These are constant and consistent. No matter how much revenue you make, the bills keep coming.


And coming.


And coming.


And they come on time. Every time.


If you only make money in “one-time income events” like launches, single-payment coaching/DFY offers, or courses…


… then you are fighting an uphill battle which you can’t actually win. Sure, you can kick the can down the road a bit, hustle your brains out month after month trying to keep your head above water, but eventually…


… eventually the neverending and recurring bills will overtake your ability to keep up.



Give Me One Weekend To Help You Create Financial Stability And Predictability In Your Business

Here is an obligatory screenshot from one of my Stripe accounts for this month (so far) that processes my monthly recurring revenue I generate from continuity offers:

All of that revenue came from these recurring customers:

The average spend per customer per month is $91.78… but that’s not how much I charge for my continuity in this business. That’s just the average someone spends per month. I explain this in more detail in the course + the strategy I used to get here.


But anyways, obligatory screenshots over…


Here’s what having recurring revenue like this means:


#1. I know exactly what my monthly expense cap can be.


If I have $81,509/month in recurring income, I know that I can afford $81,509/month in expenses no matter what else happens. That’s it. One number tells me what I can or can’t afford even if I don’t make another sale of anything else in my business.


I don’t have to guess. No crazy forecasting. No “hoping” I’ll be able to cover my expenses next month. I don’t have to rely on future sales hitting minimum quotas.


I know EXACTLY what my budget is by just looking at my recurring income. All I have to do is spend less than that number and I make profit.


I like it when business is that simple. Easier to manage.


#2. I can take time off and income still comes in.


I can spend a few days at the beginning of the month creating content for the membership or newsletter, then take the rest of the month off. That’s it. That’s my obligation to the offer.


Except I take it even one step further…


When I build out continuity, I want OTHER PEOPLE to create the content. Not me. I’m not a content machine (though I wish I was).


Instead, I have content contributors that run things for me.


And for that reason, I could turn off the entire rest of my business and the continuity would still be flowing. If ever, God forbid, I get too sick to run my company, it will be my continuity that keeps the lights on, the team paid, and food on my table.


Simple as that.


#3. Monthly continuity is scalable and sustainable.


They way I do it:

  • No launches
  • No increase in service load with each new customer (serving 10 and serving 10,000 is exactly the same)
  • Minimal interaction with customers (which I outsource anyways – I’ll show you how)
  • Etc. and etc.

It’s truthfully the only offer I can promote at will without having to worry about how it will affect team member workload, my workload, or stresses and strains on financials/costing etc.


The way I do it, we are adding 50 – 100 new members PER DAY into our continuity programs without having to do any additional marketing than what we already have running.


#4. Good continuity fills itself with members.


At first, getting subscribers/members into a continuity is an uphill battle.


Eventually though you hit a critical mass where there are so many members tell their friends, family, relatives etc. about “this cool little monthly program I’m in” that the growth pretty much takes care of itself.


Now, it’s not as simple as just tossing together some videos and saying “Hey, tell your friends I’m good at this.” No, no, no.


Like everything I try and teach, there is a very specific system that you need to deploy to turn current members into evangelists promoting your stuff.




If you do it then there comes a time where the continuity will grow itself.


It’s a rare thing to accomplish, but if you can pull it off it’s amazing.


Anyways, I could go on about all the benefits of continuity. I love it. It makes business incredibly sustainable, predictable, and fun to run because it relieves a lot of the problems most businesses suffer from (especially cash flow).


So, I’ve made a little course to help you get your continuity set up in a weekend worth of work…

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