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Basics and Beyond

Part 1 is basic training for list builders (and a great reminder for more experienced)
If you don’t yet have a list (or you’re hoping to grow an existing list quickly), then let me walk you through it.
First, we’ll start with how to pick a highly profitable niche.
The good news is, you can start building a money-making email list in almost any niche including…
Once you’ve picked your niche, I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to set up your own email list. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Bill Gates to do this. Most folks I mentor find it easy to do. And I’m here if you’ve got any questions.
After you’ve got your list set up, we’ll move on to creating a super simple opt-in page to attract new subscribers like bees to honey.
Then, I’ll share 3 FREE traffic sources you can tap into to build your list without spending money on paid ads.
And finally, I’ll show you how to start making money from a list almost immediately.
But that’s not all you get in Part 1, I’ll also reveal some of my favorite list-building secrets such as…
  • The simplest way to get your first 100 email subscribers in less than 30 days
  • The 12 most profitable niches to start with (and 3 you should avoid at all costs)
  • How to start an email list and turn it into fast profits (even if you’re not an expert and nobody knows who you are)
  • The #1 traffic source that puts people ready to spend money onto your email list (and how to get them there) Unbeatable when it comes to accumulating high-value leads.
  • The 7 magic words that will have people begging you to add them to your list
  • ​3 super-simple copy-and-paste emails that almost always make the cash register ring…
  • The most profitable offers to send to your list. Why waste your time with anything else?
  • ​And much, much, more…
You don’t need months and months to get started. If you can dedicate just a couple of hours each day to watching the trainings, being on the calls and implementing the lessons, you can have your list up and running and/or starting a growth spurt in a matter of weeks.
Then you’re ready to follow in Mike and my footsteps and step on the accelerator. And if you’ve already got a list, then you can ramp up even faster.



List-Building Secrets of the Pros

In Part 2, Mike and I reveal our best techniques for sending a list growth into overdrive. 
We’ll start with a deep dive into Mike’s piggybacking hack. Not only will you see first-hand how to set this up, I’ll take you behind-the-scenes and break down Mike’s cookie-cutter-simple opt-in page template for you.
Then, I’ll walk you through exactly how Mike drives traffic to his opt-in page to sign up without Facebook Ads or YouTube videos. And without being any kind of known guru.
Finally, I’ll personally share my own six favorite ways to build a list. These are the proven tactics I go back to again and again.
But that’s not all, in Part 2, you’ll also discover…
  • The lead magnets that work best to attract “people with money” (and which ones completely bomb)
  • Mike’s #1 traffic source for putting buyers on your list. Filters out a lot of the cheap-skates and puts people on your list who actually spend money
  • How to get big affiliates to promote your lead magnet (even if you’re not well known)
  • Examples and breakdowns of Mike’s top performing lead magnets
  • ​How to dramatically increase the profits of every person that gets added to your list. The secret is this clever redirect
But here’s the best part! As I mentioned earlier…
You get direct access to me as part of my private coaching group for the entire length of the List Building Accelerator course. 

Private Group Coaching

The List Building Accelerator coaching calls kick off this coming Friday, March 1st with our first group session. (Don’t worry if you can’t be there. Obviously, you’ll get access to the replay.)
Then we’ll keep the momentum going with a bonus call on Sunday , March 3rd to check in and answer any questions or address any issues that might come up.
Then every week for the following six weeks, I’ll jump on a call with you to support you, motivate you, and cheer you on, as well as review your progress and make sure you’re getting the best value for your investment.

PLUS 3 FREE Bonuses 

Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for awhile, you don’t want to miss these!


Special Bonus #1:

How to Acquire a Ready-To-Mail 10,000+ Email List For $0 Upfront 
Don’t want to build a list yourself? Fine! Acquire one from someone else for $0 upfront!
Many list owners have shiny object syndrome and jump into new niches and just let their old lists sit there (even though they’re still very profitable). This is an opportunity for you to scoop up that list, take it over and start making money from it.
Includes a list of 600+ businesses who have lists you that you may be able to acquire

Special Bonus #2:

FREE Traffic Sources to Get Your First Names
I’ll tell you exactly how to get your first email subscribers using free traffic sources.
That means no Facebook ads, no Youtube ads…none of that.
I share with you 3 free traffic sources that will help you get the ball rolling…and get your very first email subscribers, so that you can start profiting from your list.

Special Bonus #3:

How to Get Big Affiliates to Build Your List for You (Even if nobody knows who you are)
This is one of the best underground tactics for growing a list of people with money without paying an arm and a leg — yet most guys never even try it.
That’s because they (wrongly!) believe that it only works if you’re some big-name guru or internet celebrity.
Let me be clear, you don’t need to be a “guru” or an expert in your niche to build a money-making email list. You can get the gurus and experts to build it for you. And this report will show you how.
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