Carly Campbell – Pinterest Strategies 2.0

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  • The popular “Pinteresting Strategies” base course (97.00 value)
  • Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks (27.00 value)
  • Pin Design Rules to Breaks (27.00 value)
  • Pinterest Niche Site Deep Dive (37.00 value)
  • “Do you get long clicks?” bonus video training from my mastermind group (Not available for individual purchase; 1 month subscription is 25.00 value )
  • BONUS – 15 pin templates (10 Canva, 5 Picmonkey)


Getting started on the platform

I’ll teach you how to set up your profile and boards the right way, from the start.
We discuss how to start pinning your content to your boards!
(Don’t worry, if you’ve been using Pinterest for a while, this is not a beginner course – it just has a beginner module!)

To understand if a niche is a “good” Pinterest niche – or not

Unfortunately, NOT all niches are created equal on Pinterest, and any one who tells you Pinterest is amazing for “all niches” is nuts. We will look at how to know if you’re choosing a “traffic” niche on Pinterest, or a niche that might be a little slower.
(Note that there is still SOME traffic to be had in “bad” Pinterest niches. It just might not be VIRAL traffic.)

How the Pinterest algorithm actually works

We discuss how the foundation of the algorithm is built on one single extraordinarily important factor:
Pin relationship.
I’ll also teach you how to use pin relationship to your advantage, and I’ll show you the two SUREFIRE ways the engineers have built into the platform to ensure strong pin relationship between your pins and other popular pins.

SEO (search engine optimization) for Pinterest

I’ll show you EXACTLY where Pinterest looks to find the keywords associated with your pin, so you can tell Pinterest what your pins are about and get them ranked in search.
I’ll also show you how to use Pinterest itself to validate your keyword choices, and find ideas for future posts!

How to create pins that get clicks

If you do everything else right, but create pins that no one clicks – I guarantee you’ll fail on Pinterest.
Pintresting Strategies has a whole lesson dedicated to understanding user intent and creating pins that GET CLICKED – and drive traffic.

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