Bob Serling – Multi-Licensing Framework

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The Multi-Licensing Framework shows you how to realistically make more money by licensing your Intellectual Property than you make from your main business.

And how anyone can do this with little cost and no risk.


Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…


  • How to determine what the best IP is to develop for any market. One of the keys to licensing your IP as many times as possible is having the right IP for the right market. And my simple IP Inventory Tool lets you determine that in just 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Why you already have 5 to 10 existing forms of IP. Every entrepreneur or business owner already has a number of existing forms of IP – but you often don’t recognize them. Here again, the IP Inventory Tool reveals lucrative IP you already have but you’re currently overlooking.
  • Quickly format your IP in a way that will have massive appeal, letting you license just one piece of IP hundreds or even thousands of times. Another major consideration for licensing your IP as many times as possible is the way you format it. There’s at least a dozen different formatting options and I’ll show you how to easily determine which is the ideal format for your specific IP.
  • Prove that your IP will sell – and get paid $40,000 to $130,000 to get your proof. Above all else, this is the most important section of the training. First, it’s nearly impossible to license your IP without proof that it will sell. Second, since you have to generate proof, why not get paid a healthy sum to do that? And that’s exactly what you’ll discover how to do in this portion of the training.
  • Create your licensing package. Gain a clear understanding of which components you must include in your licensing package to make it as easy as possible for your licensees to achieve maximum success and pay you maximum royalties.
  • The simple framework that lets you license every piece of IP you create hundreds or even thousands of times. This is my entire 8-step framework, laid out in a simple blueprint you can always rely on to create and license unlimited IP properties as often as you’d like.
  • THE single most important factor in successfully licensing your IP. Miss this and it’s nearly impossible to find anyone to license your IP. There’s one critical factor that makes or breaks every IP licensing deal – and I cover it in complete detail so you can leverage it every time to license your IP as many times as possible.
  • 3 foolproof ways to identify the ideal licensees for your IP. Making your IP available to the ideal prospects to license to is a great way to speed up the number of deals you make and substantially increase your commissions. My process gives you 3 ways to nail down exactly who your ideal licensees are in just 15 minutes.
  • The best ways to approach potential licensees. What’s the best way to make your initial contact with potential licensees – email, webinars, VSLs or some other method? You’ll find out exactly which method is best, depending on the type of IP you’re licensing and the prospects you’re licensing your IP to.
  • How much to charge as your licensing fee. This is the single area that causes the most confusion when licensing your IP, regardless of whether you’re new to licensing or you’re already experienced. Find out how to determine exactly what to charge so your licensees love you and quickly say, “Let’s do this deal!”
  • Choosing the best schedule for your licensing fee payments – monthly, quarterly, annually, by the seat, and more. Different ways to license your IP require different payment schedules. This portion of the training makes it simple to determine the ideal payment schedule for your IP, so you never run into problems with licensees paying you.
  • How to make sure you get paid on time and in full with every licensee. Collecting your licensing fees and commissions can be simple – or a complete nightmare. Discover a simple process that guarantees you get paid in full, on time, every time.
  • Case Study #1 – How a small company added $720k in profits by licensing their recipe for dog biscuits instead of selling it. This is quite possibly my favorite case study ever, because it shows how just about anything can be licensed – including a recipe for dog biscuits! And it shows just how profitable licensing can really be.
  • Case Study #2 – How one of my clients made $1 million in profits the first month they used my simple process to license their IP. And turned that into $2.6 million in profits every year. To make it even better, they used just one simple licensing method that only requires a few hours of time – and it can be automated to repeat again and again.
  • Case Study #3 – The exact model I used to make 324% more profit by licensing one of my IP properties than I made by selling it. I’ve said many times that on average, I make 300% more by licensing my IP than I make by selling it. And this case study lays out the complete details of exactly how that’s done.
  • Multi-Licensing Roadmap #1 – License your IP to others to use. This program contains a lot of training material and even though it’s presented in a logical, step-by-step manner, it could be difficult to find everything you need to license your IP if you had to scour through it all.So I’ve taken all the critical details for each of the 8 steps and created an easy to use Roadmap that you can refer to any time you want to create new IP, have a new piece of IP to license, or just need a refresher. At 26 pages, it’s short enough to deliver everything you need and detailed enough to make sure you’re getting the best results with all your licensing deals.
  • *** ALL New *** Multi-Licensing Roadmap #2 – License your IP to others to sell. The original version of this program focused on just one form of licensing – licensing your IP to others to use. But it didn’t contain any information on licensing your IP to others to sell. So in this all new version of the program, I’m including everything you need to license your IP to others who want to sell it and pay you a commission for each sale they make. And in order to make this as easy as possible, I’ve created a brand new Roadmap for this method. So any time you want to create IP to license to others to sell, or actually license it, everything you need is right at your fingertips.
  • How to select additional pieces of IP and repeat the process over and over again. Licensing your IP and collecting consistent commissions for years on end is a fantastic business model. And it gets even better once you understand the simple recipe I share for easily repeating the process over and over again.
  • Plus much, much more

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