Alyssa Brady – Winning at WordPress

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Module 1: Intro to WordPress

Understanding the Basics of WordPress

  • Why Choose WordPress for Web Design?
  • Differences Between and
  • Setting Up Your WordPress Website
  • Navigating the WordPress Dashboard



Module 2: Getting Started & Setting Things Up

  • My Go-To Theme and How to Install It
  • Configuring Your Theme Settings
  • Choosing Your Theme Demo & Installing It
  • Setting Up Your Header
  • Setting Up Your Main Menu
  • Setting Up Your Footer
  • What is WP Bakery & Why Do I Use It?
  • Theme Support



Module 3: Let’s Start Designing Your WordPress Website!

  • Let’s Design Your First Page
  • Using the Template Library to Build Pages
  • Getting Familiar with the Design Elements
  • Typography Elements & Using Type to Make Your Website Better
  • Quick Overview of the Backend Builder
  • Using Image/Media Elements
  • Row & Column Page Structure
  • Adding Spacing & Transforming Content
  • Drag-and-Drop Elements
  • Background Images, Colors, Overlays & More
  • Adding Animation Effects
  • Adding Testimonials
  • Adding Portfolio Pages & Sections
  • Creating Awesome Hero Sections
  • NEW: Adding an Email Pop-Up to Your Website

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