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👉 Picture this: On a random day in 2018…

I was up at dawn, fixed myself my beloved cup of coffee, and enjoyed some much-needed spiritual time.

Then I booted up my laptop, checked my analytics…and almost spilled coffee all over the screen.

My worst nightmare was unfolding in real time.

My SEO traffic evaporated like a drop of water in the desert.

I was so shocked, I couldn’t think.


Time went by so fast, I didn’t realize it was already breakfast time.

I was sitting at the table, looking at my daughter.

Normally, my lively girl lights up my day. But that day? There was a giant knot in my stomach.

My wife was there too, looking as graceful as ever. I, on the other hand felt like a failure.

I forced a smile.


She saw right through me but didn’t push it.

I guessed she could see I needed some space to sort things out.

My website? It was like a boat. It had taken on bad waves before, no problem.

But this one was like a tsunami.

Years of blood, sweat, and code were gone in an instant.

I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t. I had the two women in my life to take care of.



They deserved the best, and I wasn’t going to let Google wreck our lives.

So I threw myself into Pinterest.

I had been getting a trickle of traffic from it since 2014, but now what?

Now it was going to save us.

I translated everything I knew about Google optimization onto Pinterest.

I studied the algorithm, started tracking everything diligently, testing over and over again…

And guess what? It took more than a year but I cracked the code.

Pinterest saved my site…and breakfast time!

And it keeps saving my site too.

Google’s been the worst lately, and if it wasn’t for Pinterest and newsletter, I’d have no traffic left.


Many are in the same boat too. Everyday I receive dozens and dozens of messages asking me to reveal my FULL Pinterest discoveries that I kept mostly under wraps for 4 years.

So I did it. I put everything I know about Pinterest in my new course: Pin Point Traffic.

Here’s what this is all about…

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