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Hybrid Install Offers are when you work 1-on-1 with a client to install some kind of Protocol or strategy into their business.
It´s a combination of DFY and DWY
It´s a solid multiple 6-figure a year profit stream, And it´s how I come up with many of the ideas for my other offers, like my Email Rainmaker Mastermind and these monthly trainings.

What We´ll Cover:

  • The Offer Buffet
  • What you need to sell HIOs
  • Creating the offer
  • Reviewing Offer Docs
  • Getting a HIO client
  • Delivering a result

The Offer Buffet:

Sample (Lead):
Your free offer to give people a taste in exchange for their contact info
Goal: grow your list and audience with potential buyers
Delivery: Ebook, Ultimate guide, Email course

Appetizer (Customer):
Your low-mind ticket offer to find your buyers
Goal: turn a lead into a customer and get them hungry for your Main Course

Main Course:
Your highest level offer serving the high-end of your market
Goal: get paid the premium to work with your highest level people

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