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Part 1

Bringing AI Into Your Workflow & Company (Week 1- 10)


Gain mastery over AI to create new opportunities for yourself within your organization and externally. Uncover new promotion opportunities and forge a revolutionary new career path ahead.

  • Build a winning mindset for the Age of AI
  • Master fundamental AI concepts
  • Unleashing the full potential of key AI tools
  • Speeding up AI adoption with daily habit-forming protocols
  • Employing personal AI Helpers that gets better and better over time
  • Rapid learning and mastery of AI tools



Part 2

AI For Executives, Founders & CEO’s (Week 11 – 18)


Integrate AI into your business seamlessly. This section focuses on strategies, mental models and cutting-edge frameworks to effectively lead your team to integrate AI into your teams with ease.

  • How to prioritize AI ideas for maximum efficiency
  • Selecting the perfect AI tools for your needs
  • Build and automate powerful workflows with AI
  • Creating high-impact AI solutions for specific business challenges
  • Leveraging AI-Driven frameworks for decision making
  • Accelerating the Idea-to-Product Cycle with AI
  • Build a winning AI culture and team
  • Transforming your organization structure for rapid AI adoption



Part 3

Become A Chief AI Evangelist (Week 19 – 26)


For founders and business leaders to leverage the vast potential of No-Code with AI to rapidly speed up production & delivery periods, uncover entirely new markets, and create exponentially more value for your users.

  • How to build simple AI apps fast
  • Create custom, high-performing AI Agents for your organization
  • Improve and enhance your product features with AI
  • Streamline your iterative design process for maximum efficiency with no-code
  • Coach and mentor your team members for an AI-Powered Organization
  • Should you develop your own AI models in-house?

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