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Ok, so you’ve sent someone a cold email.
You want to work with them, and make some mula, but they haven’t replied.
Game over, right?
Let me explain.
When you get a lead (The email address of a potential client), you need to maximise your chances of actually landing them as a client.
After all, it can be hard to get leads, so don’t waste the ones you do have.
If you don’t follow up to every single lead you have, after you’ve sent them a cold email, then you’re just wasting your leads.
Send them some follow up emails.
I’ve landed clients that made me over £2,000 – and they didn’t even read my cold email.
BUT, they did see my follow ups.
People are busy, so if they don’t reply, don’t freak out. Follow up.
If you can send them a convincing follow up email or two, they’re 100% more likely to work with you than if you just forgot about them.
So I’ve decided to package up my most successful follow up emails (These have landed me £1000’s in client sales).
You’ll get the 2 emails that I’ve personally sent to 100’s of leads, and some information on how to use them.
So don’t waste your time writing follow up emails that don’t get opened, use these proven templates, and start getting some clients.
Hit the blue “I want this!” button to download these precious follow up emails.
Happy mailing!

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