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You already are the Sovereign Queen of money.

The problem is, you forgot.

Somewhere along the way between your mama’s womb and now, you took off your crown.

You were taught that you had no power (except you do).

That you were not in control (except you are).

That lack and scarcity is the reality (which is a blatant lie).

That money doesn’t grow on trees (even though it literally does).

That you’d have to spend your lifetime working hard enough to prove your worth of having what you want (just to feel like you don’t deserve it once you have it).

That money doesn’t come easily (even though it 100% can)

That you’d have to trade your precious time for dollars (even though time is irrelevant to how much money you can earn).

That you’d have to use your masculine drive to out hustle and outperform everyone else to get to the top (even though money responds to feminine energy and there is no “top” )

That there isn’t enough to go around (so abundance is a concept you have a hard time wrapping your mind around).

That money is always going to be something you stress over (even when your bank account is stacked).

And that if you have any right now, you should be careful because it’s not going to last (and so you get stuck in the fear of losing money).

But it’s not your fault babe.

And what has been learned can be unlearned.

What has been lost can be found again.

The sovereignty and authority over your money story can be reclaimed once again.

Which is what I’m here to help you with.

Through your upbringing you were programmed to believe all kinds of stories about money that simply aren’t true.

And through that process, you gave money the power to take rulership over you.

Even though the rulership has always belonged to you.

Sovereign Money is about remembering who the f*ck you are.

What You’ll Learn In Sovereign Money

  • Embody Queen Energy To Effortlessly Magnetize And Manifest Money On Your Command
  • Get Money To Respond To You, Not The Other Way Around
  • Create A Financial Queendom That Creates Generational Wealth For Lifetimes
  • Neutralize, Clear And Rewire Any Trigger Or Limiting Belief Around Money That’s Keeping You Playing Small Financially
  • Understand How Masculine/feminine Energetics Play Into Money Attraction
  • Hack The Money Game Using The Spiritual Laws Of Money Manifestation
  • Be Feminine Af, Rich Af, And Still Provided For (female Breadwinners, This One’s For You)
  • Become A Master Receiver (that Everyone Wants To Provide For)
  • Make God/universe/source Your Sugar Daddy (and No, Not The Sugar Daddy That Involves Doing Things You Don’t Want To Be Doing In Exchange For Money)
  • Clear Guilt, Shame, And Fear That’s Preventing You From Receiving/keeping/circulating More Money
  • Stop Overspending For Good
  • Manifest Money On Command (step By Step Process That Can Be Forever Rinse + Repeated With Any Amount Of Money)
  • Reframe Debt & Financial Hardships To Become The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You Financially
  • Never Doubt Your Innate Worthiness To Have Everything You Want + More
  • Rewire Your Nervous System To Always Believe There Is More Than Enough Money + More Will Always Be Available
  • Become Recession Proof And Boom In Any Economy
  • Create A Secure And Supportive Relationship With Money
  • Get On The Same Page Financially With Your Partner
  • Handle Any Financial Emergency With Grace, Confidence & Certainty (instead Of Panic & Anxiety)
  • Create A Financial Alignment Plan That Automatically Takes Care Of Bills/expenses But Also Builds Wealth At The Same Time
  • Clear The Root Cause Of All Your Money Blocks
  • Clear Guilt Around Creating Abundance In A World Of Lack, Scarcity & Suffering

About Kathrin Zenkina

Kathrin Zenkina is a #1-Amazon-Best-Selling Author, host of the Top-10 Podcast, the Manifestation Babe Podcast, powerhouse expert on the art of manifestation, master mindset coach, and founder of the globally renowned personal development brand — Manifestation Babe®. What first began as a journey of self exploration has since boomed into a $15M+ company. Manifestation Babe’s mission is to impact the world by modernizing ancient wisdom and simplifying universal principles to help women achieve their once “impossible” dreams.

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