Jessie van Breugel – LinkedIn Growth System

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This 2.5-hour video course teaches you how to:

  1. Remove the self-doubt that tells you you’re not good enough.
  2. Grow a unique and powerful personal brand.
  3. Define your direction and figure out your niche.
  4. Optimize your profile to attract your ideal audience and clients
  5. Create content that converts visitors into engaged leads.
  6. Make sure that you’re connected with relevant creators
  7. Get better at networking than 99% of the users on LinkedIn.
  8. Utilize your time on LinkedIn as efficiently as possible.
  9. Benefit from the audience of the creators you’re connected with.
  10. Convert your followers into raving fans using an email list

Finish this course and do the work, and you’ll have:

→ a bigger network
→ a better business
→ a bigger bank account
→ more quality opportunities
→ a higher level of confidence
→ the ability to double or triple your rates

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