George Hutton – Secret Agent Persuasion

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Secret Agent Persuasion

Put Your Ideas So Deeply Into Their Mind They’ll Unthinkingly Act On Them And Never Suspect A Thing

Conscious Training

You get a comprehensive manual, filled with the psychological and technical background about what human communication really is. How nearly everybody tries the same system of persuasion and nearly always fails due to its inherent confrontational nature. How you can flip the switch inside your own mind, and learn the truth about how to get them salivating to do whatever you want, all the while thinking it was their idea.

  • Maximize Your Language Skills
  • Insane Party Tricks
  • Manipulation Obliteration
  • Effortless Influence
  • Secret Agent Seduction
  • Love Generating Power
  • Explosions of Popularity
  • The Two Most Powerful Tricks
  • Zero Need For Memorized Patterns
  • Your Targets Always Do All The Work
  • Little Mental Effort Required
  • Secret Agent Mindset
  • The Ghost of Dale Carnegie
  • Your Biggest Obstacle
  • Why Might Makes Right
  • Why Your Ego Stops You
  • How To Shut Down Your Ego Completely
  • The Secret Of Rapport
  • Two Levels of Rapport
  • How To Lead and Follow At Once
  • Why Meta Model Is The Holy Grail of Language
  • What Everybody Does Wrong with the Meta Model
  • Deep Desire Expansion Techniques
  • Expanding Thought Patterns
  • Get Them Salivating For More
  • Turn All Communication To Happiness Generation
  • Time Travel Brain Flips
  • Easy Spatial Anchoring
  • Facial Expression Anchoring
  • Command Tonality Anchoring

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