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It shows a simple system you can use to repeatedly get copywriting clients that you absolutely love working with… without having to send a single cold email.
I want you to use it to repeatedly get copywriting clients on command… so you can earn more money, have more stability and build a more secure copywriting career.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside Client Acquisition:

  • An in-depth breakdown into what it takes to build a client acquisition system that allows you to earn enough to leave your day job and become a full-time copywriter.
  • 4 questions that’ll help you find dozens, even hundreds of clients who’d love to hire you to write their copy.
  • How clients typically like to find copywriters… and how to use this psychological insight so you can get hundreds of new client leads every single year.
  • How I sold $1,000,000+ worth of copywriting services… without sending a single cold email to win those deals.
  • How to get your first client (the easy way).
  • A handful of places to find your first paying client (these opportunities are hiding right under your nose!)
  • Five ways to increase your income as a copywriter. (Do one… or do all five!)
  • The right way to niche down and specialize, so you can get more of the RIGHT type of clients.
  • And much more…

Here’s What Life Looks Like After Mastering The Art of Client Acquisition:

You’ll finally have a consistent flow of copywriting clients week after week, month after month… without fail.
You’ll have a system (that doesn’t rely on cold email) to get clients on command.
You’ll never have to scrape email addresses, cold pitch, or “beg” for work from random strangers ever again. (No more neediness!!!)
You’ll start charging higher and higher fees. (You’ll literally HAVE to – supply and demand).
You’ll break free from the “feast or famine” client work cycle… and have more steady, rock-solid revenue flowing into your copywriting business.
You’ll have cash to reinvest into your business, so you can grow faster and reach higher heights in your copy career.
You’ll be able to take on less clients (at higher price points)… skyrocketing your effective hourly rate.
You’ll win retainers and performance deals with ease.
You’ll start charging multiple four-figures… even five-figures per copy gig.
You’ll have more time off, because you’ll no longer feel like you’re changed to the computer.
Remember hobbies? Remember fun? You’ll be able to do all the things you used to love, before your business devoured that time.
[This one was most important for me]: You’ll have more time to spend with your family members, loved ones, and friends… because you’ll finally have a hyper profitable copywriting business that rewards you in time, money, and freedom.
You’ll be able to break past the ever-elusive $100,000+/year mark.
In fact, inside the pages of Client Acquisition, I’ll even show you how to take your business past the $200,000+/year mark. (I’ve helped a lot of my students do this… I promise it’s not as hard as you might think.)

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