Brendan Dell – Product Postioning Masterclass




This course is structured in four parts, linking critical theory with step-by-step tactical implementation and examples of the framework in action. It also includes proven templates to guide your $1B pitch creation.


Course Introduction:

1. Welcome + Introduction

2.  About Me

3. Outline + Objectives


Section 1: Learn What Influences B2B Buying Decisions

1. New science revealing what drives buying decisions

2. Story as adaptive evolutionary mechanism

3. The two key cognitive biases you need to know

4. Optimal marketing mix by business stage


Section 2: The Story-Selling Framework

1. Overview of course templates

2. Introduction to the elements of $1B pitches

3. The most effective ways to identify your best customer

4. How to see inside your buyers mind

5. How to identify your demand type

6. Identify change, stakes, villain

7. Identify your promised land, proof, results

8. Create a high-impact simple promise


Section 3: Roll-Out

A crash course on developing a high-growth go-to-market strategy


Section 4: $1B Walkthroughs

  • Zuora

  • Control Plane

  • Sudozi

  • More added monthly!


The Templates:

Included with the course, get access to the framework and collaboration templates I use to build $1B pitches with top brands.

  • $1B pitch collaboration worksheet
  • Competitive landscape + jobs to be done worksheet
  • Opportunity stage proposal template (take them from interested to closed/won)
  • Facilitation worksheet
  • $1B framework overview + worksheet

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