Adam Kitchen – Monster Email Marketing For eCommerce Brands

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What You Get:


Build an Email Marketing Program That Goes Beyond Lame Discount Codes


Learn the exact strategies I’ve used to win deals with 8-9 figure DTC brands and continuously drive an additional 15% revenue from every email campaign you send.


What you’ll get:

  • Diagnosing retention issues from first to second sale through qualitative research.

  • Integrating zero-party data to understand your audience and craft conversion-focused messaging that addresses their pain points.

  • Blowing up User-Generated Content (UGC) and enhancing deliverability with powerful engagement-boosting emails.

And so much more…


What People Are Saying:

Adam is the leader in eCommerce email marketing when it comes to advanced strategies to maximise revenue generation. The lessons in this course will get you to think about email marketing on another level completely.

Adam is without question a leading authority in the email marketing space and operates on a different strategic level when it comes to creating retention strategy.

I’ve had the chance to learn from Adam about how to properly use the email channel to build communication that favors customers and helps with profitability. Take this course to understand how email fits into the bigger picture of growing a business.

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