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Unlock the most powerful “vault” of SaaS sales online courses on the planet to help you skyrocket your SaaS sales skills… so you can grow your income, attainment, and revenue at breakneck speed (even in tough market conditions), guaranteed.

Learn the exact 5-step discovery system I used to grow Gong from $200k to $200M in ARR, build a $7.2 billion valuation, and train the #1 sales team to sell through an economic meltdown.

  • Create business pain that MONEY follows so you can close more deals and STOP getting ghosted.
  • Build ‘negative impact’ and create INSANE buying urgency (all while getting your buyer to TRUST you)
  • Word for word questions to build ‘compounding urgency’ and get buyers to ACT (so YOU get paid).
  • How to get customers to “run through WALLS” by tapping into ‘raw emotion’ (hint: value comes from contrast)
  • How to ‘rig’ deals in YOUR favor so you become ‘untouchable’ from competitors (even CHEAP ones!)
  • Unlock TOTAL insight into the buying process so you know EXACTLY what to do to close every deal in your pipeline.


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