Kyle Plummer – OFM Scale Mastery

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Module #1: Introduction To Scale Mastery Academy

Setting expectations and mindset
Course breakdown and process
Things to avoid to ensure a smooth road to success
Join the exclusive private telegram group

Module #2: How To Develop a 7-Figure Brand

Creating your agency’s brand
How to create a professional website for your agency
Setting up your Instagram for success + outreach
How to establish your social proof to attract high value models
What seperates the 1% compared to the 99% who don’t succeed

Module #3: How To Find Top OnlyFans Models To Work With

Guaranteed strategy to getting your first clients
Harnessing the power of outreach to attract top-tier clients
Leveraging your models to gain more clients (untapped)
How to package the perfect offering that they can’t refuse
How to qualify models BEFORE hiring them to avoid bad clients
The best contract to protect you and your clients

Module #4: How To Professionally Onboard & Manage Models

How to onboard OF models to come as a professional
How to manage model’s content for efficiency and leverage
Shortcuts to find endless content with the highest potential
Social media management tools to save you time
All my social media strategies and content templates

Module #5: Marketing Your OnlyFans Models To $2k/Day And Beyond

The best 3 strategies to promote your OnlyFans models
#1 way to get unlimited free traffic to an OF page
Understanding the social media algorithm
Mother/ slave promotion strategies
Dating app promotion strategies
Shout-for-shout promotions (should you use them?)

Module #6: How To Maximize Your OnlyFans Model’s Revenue

Best way to link model’s OnlyFans in bio’s
How to create an OnlyFans bio that CONVERTS
What is the best price for OnlyFans subscriptions?
Using the power of bundling and timely promotions
My secret holiday PPV package (untapped)
My secret $2,500 OnlyFans live strategy (in 2 hours)

Module #7: Triple Your Revene With Managing DM’s (Chatter Sequences)

Intro to managaing your model’s OnlyFans DM”s
How to request and organize content
Using the N.I.P. system to sell content
Chatter sequences in action (real examples)
How to hire, price and traing a chatting team
My 86-page copy & paste document for your chatting team

Module #8: How To Scale Your Agency And Make Life-Changing Money

How to work less and make more money
How and where to hire out talent for your agency team
My 7-figure organization strategy for support and growth
The 80/20 principle to maximize resources & margins
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